Fall In Love With Your Intuition Intensive

...in just 5weeks

Let's do this!

Fall In Love With Your Intuition

Are you ready to fall in love with your Intuition? 

I hope you said yes..  

Here's why.

The truth is everyone has intuition but you may not know how to use it or you feel blocked around it.  

In this training INTENSIVE I will share soul shifting intutive exercises, inner intuition processes that you can do, and assignments that will open up your intuition and help you to reconnect with love.  

Being stuck in your intuition is never fun especially when you're making decisions, thinking of what's next in your career and business, relationships and more! YOUR INTUITION IS YOUR GUIDANCE SYSTEM AND IF YOU'RE NOT CONNECTED TO IT OR MISALIGNED with it, that is a recipe for disaster.

Let's take care of this:) Let me help you fall in love with your intuition and clear out all of the debris that is in the way.

Mimi Quick's Special Message to you!

Tuning into your intuition is a skill. You must work with it. My clients know that I commonly refer to any new skill learned as riding a bike. Remember the first time? Someone showed you how to ride it, you learned to balance yourself until the training wheels came off and Tada! You know how to ride a bike till this day. Think of your intuition now.. did you get a manual, no. You may have used some methods or learned this or that that got you where you are now but did you really get the right training for yourself? Or is something missing? All I can say to you is this: IT IS SUPER IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND YOUR INTUITION. & Learn to use it. This is a gift that you have built into you and I want to help you understand it better actually fall in love with it, okay? As a Psychic I connect daily ever since I was 3! I get very clear answers, information, and more insight with my gifts..and I always get asked how can I do what you do Mimi?  

Intuition is the whisper within the souls way of guiding you like a GPS system and I'd love to help you connect with your intuition to help guide you in life and business but first YOU MUST FALL IN LOVE WITH IT. If you're ready to step out of the shadows and into the light with your Intuition this is your first step. I mean it soul sistar!

I will help you feel empowered around your intuition again, clear out blocks, and so much more. Feeling scared at times don't know if it's your head or your intuition talking to you? That means you need to get clear. Do you have tons of questions? We'll answer them as they come up. Ready for guidance sweet soul? Good! Because you were guided to the right place.

We're going to get started on all of this... remember you have some pretty strong patterns, thoughts, and beliefs about your intuition currently we'll start to shift them ASAP and the energy flowing in the right direction for you so that Falling in love with your intuition becomes easy!  


FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR INTUITION: SOUL SHIFTING & POWERFUL INTUITIVE 5 weeks with Mimi Quick to guide you and the group EVERY STEP of the way, share specific teachings and processes to help you begin to:

  • Understand your Intuition 
  • Trust your intuition 
  • Clear out blocks around your intuition
  • Feel safe connecting with your Intuition
  • Meet your MASTER Spirit Guide
  • And most of all..

  • Fall in Love with your Intuition.  

Why? So you can begin to use it properly and start to prosper in this area of your life!

What you'll learn:

Module 1 ACTIVATE YOUR INTUITION Understand yourself, your gifts and your Intuition better. Go through specific soul shifting teachings and trainings to help you understand what intuition is, how it shows up, and how you can begin to use your Intuition now in your life and business.  

Intuition Process to open up understanding and connection. Intuition Assignment 1 Live Group Coaching Call*

Module 2 CLEAR THE DECKS & PAST PRESENT FUTURE BLOCKS Release past old blocks and fears around your intuition. Past events logged in your Subconscious Mind.

Present Blocks to Your Intution 

And any FUTURE Fears and Blocks Ab 

& Live Group Coaching Call  

Module 3

FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR INTUTION Feel sharper, stronger, and aligned with your intuition again.  

You'll go through a Mimi Quick Process to help align you with your intuition now. 



Live Group Coaching *

Module 4

FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR INTUITION Empowering activation exercise Soul contract visioning process to secure your souls knowing into the NOW.

Meet your MASTER GUIDE Process.

Prosperity and Intuition Integration process for your Energy Field, Mindset and all levels.

Live Group Coaching*

Module 5

FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR INTUITION Practice, Testing, and living with your intuition processes.


Life Long Tools for the rest of your life to help you on your path to developing stronger intuition.

PROCESS to Integrate what you've learned on many levels.

Plus more!

Live Group Coaching*

* All LIVE GROUP coaching calls are scheduled Mondays at 12 noon Pacific Time

Start Date: April 8th

Fall in Love With Your Intuition in just 5 weeks Trainning You'll get 5 teaching modules One per week in our online school + access for life + 5 weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Mimi Quick Open up to hot seats & more teaching (valued at $997)  

Plus you'll get fast aligned action bonuses when you sign up worth $544  

Bonus: Connect and Activate Your Intuition Meditation (value $47)  

Bonus: 30 day Intuition Journal with Prompts and affirmations ( value $97)

LIMITED Bonus: Fall In Love With Your Intuition 30 minute Coaching Call with Mimi Quick (value $400) ***LIMITED BONUS for the First 7 who enroll ONLY***

Total Value $1541 APRIL 2019 SPECIAL PRICING ONLY $597 Save $944  



We're here to help contact clientcare@mimiquick.com with any questions and if you'd like to enroll by payment plan we've made it easy for you: 2 Easy Payments of $350 each. First payment due immediately must be in before class starts. Second payment due April 22nd $350. (payment plans do not get the BONUS call with Mimi Quick until they have been paid in full)

 Due to the nature of this content and experiential proprietary processes, teaching, and coaching there are no refunds. We're happy to get on a call with you if you have any questions pertaining to the program for a quick clarity call. (Call 626-715-7716 feel free to leave a message and we'll call you back.)

 "Private Intutitive Coaching & Training" Starts at $4000 if you prefer 1-1 private coaching customized to your needs please connect with clientcare@mimiquick.com and Marie will be happy to schedule a quick online connection to discuss this with you and then with me, Mimi Quick if you're ready and willing to grow and learn in this area.