Manage Your Energy ..for busy professionals & business owners

Whether you're in business for yourself as a high power attorney, acupuncturist, real estate agent, coach or you're working as a teacher, at an office, or in a high level corporate job this training will help you manage your energy ASAP!  

You don't have any time to waste and you don't have any energy to burn. Am I right? So what if you had this training at your fingertips? What could it do for you?  

  • You'll shift out of overwhelm and stress and into a calm way of being... and get more done without heavy stress.
  • You'll learn inner techniques and tips to help you align to ease and release stress from your body and mind.
  • You'll learn how to manage your energy so you DO NOT BURN OUT!  

Mimi Quick's Manage Your Energy For Professionals and Business Owners  

What you'll learn in this online teaching and training:  

  • How not to get burned out at work and in business.
  • Assess your energy and learn more about your body and how it responds to stress.  
  • How to add more ease into your work day with a simple yet powerful list technique that anyone can do quickly.
  • Walk through a Key inner exercise that will allow you to melt off stress and clear your energy, get grounded, focused, and aligned to tasks at hand.
  • You'll learn an easy 5 second technique to shift out of stress
  • Schedule Calendar Energy Mapping 
  • Energy Management 101 mini teaching. Plus so much more!  

My promise to you is that you'll come out of this training better than when you walked into it. You'll start to get relief. You'll learn alot and especially be able to manage your energy so you don't get stressed that ultimately leads to burn out.  

This training is a value of $297 but for this special time right now you can get the self study and start right away for only $47 don't miss it at this pricepoint!  


About Your Teacher, Coach & Mentor

Mimi Quick a #1 Best Selling Author is also known as the Prosperity Muse and Psychic Business Mentor who powerfully aligns you to prosperity quickly. Coaching since the 1990's and online since 2007 Mimi's been the go to gal behind the scenes coaching coaches, leaders, professionals, healers, and entrepreneurs to Prosper and Align. Mimi clears out money blocks fast with her proven methodologies, processes, and signature business and money programs. With over 50 Trainings, Courses and teachings in her online school that have helped thousands of women already heal their money story, clear out blocks, grow, prosper, and align right into their gifts and more! She's helped businesses reach millions of dollars and increase their income and tap into prosperity with ease. Are you ready TO SHIFT and ALIGN to create a prosperous life and business in as fast as 30 Days? 

Mimi Quick Prosperity Muse & Psychic Mentor

AKA Soul Shifter